Thursday, September 18, 2008

Go Red Wolves!!!!!

...and they will tell you that I made them dress alike! Aren't they cute!?! Kaden went to his first football game last weekend and he just loved it, well until it started to rain on us.. But he was a trooper!

Our First Fair Adventure..

Tonight we all went to the fair.. Kaden and I got to pet the animals at the petting zoo(while daddy was feeding the llama with his mouth), we fished, we tossed rings, we ate, and walked alot!! We had such a great time on our first family fair adventure!!

Now That He Has Teeth..He Loves Showing Them Off

I just so happened to get this wonderful shot of Kaden. He always smiles like this and it just cracks Kyle and I up! But it never fails everytime I try and catch this exact smile, he turns around or starts chasing Tucker.. Thought you grandparents would really like this one! So this is for ya' all!

I Just Love My Boys

This picture has to be one of my favorites.. And I know I say that about every one of them with Kyle and Kaden in it!! I don't know what I would do without the two of them! I am so blessed to love this much!!!!!!

Some Of Kaden's Favorite Things.. Outside & Balls

Kaden loves being outside.. Either stroller rides, playing ball, watching Kyle and I work in the yard, sitting on the back porch in the mornings, or just sitting in the grass (which he just started liking)! He is so much fun right now! Kyle is really enjoying him at this stage because he can really interact with him.