Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

Kyle, Kaden and I took both of our parents to Mexico back in May (so Kaden was six months). I took this picture when Kyle went back to the house to take a nap.. I thought that it would be a great Fathers Day present! I took this picture to my brother Kevin and told him that I wanted it a 12" by 12" and asked him if he could make the sand look smother and do the color better.. Kevin did everything I asked plus more (this is what it looked like before he got a hold of it). Thanks bub!!! Kyle loved it on Fathers Day!!

Two peas in a pod

As most of you know Kyle and I moved from New Mexico to Arkansas.. Our next door neighbors have a son three months younger than Kaden and his name is Kaden as well!! So on the left is Morgan and Kaden and on the right is of course Kaden and I.. Ironic huh?

Kaden's first wedding

When we went to Albuquerque last weekend we attended Kyle's cousins wedding. This picture was taken at the reception. After they cut the cake all of a sudden this loud music came on.. Kyle and I were afraid that Kaden was going to get scared (I think it scared us more). He loved it!! He was dancing and giggling!!


Kyle, Kaden and I went to back to Albuquerque last weekend to visit family and the best of friends! This is Mychele, Ashley and Kaden all grow'n up since the last time they had been together.. They were used to seeing each other about three times a week, and now that we live in Arkansas it has been two months:( We miss ya' all so much!!!!

"Did you say something, mom?"

Why do all of us moms/dads and grandmas/grandpas buy our kids toys? They always go for cardboard boxes, the dogs toys, cords, hangers (hints the picture).. I was hanging clothes in the closet and I had a pile of hangers in the floor, and of course my little shadow was right by me. He thought that was the coolest thing!

Kaden hasn't realized that there are 2 of Grandpa..!

This picture was taken over the 4th of July.. Kyle, Kaden and I went back home to Illinios to visit family and we ended up at my Uncle Sam's house watching fireworks, eating hotdogs and smores' around the camp fire. If ya' all didn't know that my dad is a twin, well now you do.. My Uncle Larry is on the left and my dad is on the right they actually are holding the other ones grandkid (?don't ask me?).